Roll out the white carpet and colour it red! A VIP colouring book launch event in the heart of the gorgeously green Lake District has seen Rachel and Dan travel to an evening of glitz and glamour that would turn the Oscars blue with envy.


This event was all in support of Derwent’s fantastic new colouring book ‘Unwind in the Wilds’ and an early start was certainly in order. Arriving swiftly at 11am, the intrepid duo arrived in good time to witness artist Sarah Taylor become headline news on BBC’s Look North bulletin. This was the first of many memorable moments in England’s green and pleasant land.


Surrounded by crayoned owls and scribbled squirrels, Rachel and Dan had a brilliant afternoon planning, meeting and organising what was a fabulous event.


With the champagne flowing and Hors d’œuvre being tasted, Sarah posed for a number of photos and signed many a book whilst celebrating her fabulous artwork in the home of Derwent, Keswick Pencil Museum!


So with the wildlife firmly brought to life in Sarah’s colouring books, the team were foraging away for PR successes back in Wolverhampton.


Cogs have been set in motion, strategic plans are being made and our tactics are already being honed. We’re coming to get you 2016 and you just wait ‘til you see Small Man Media’s New Year’s Resolutions!


However, that’s not to say we are wishing our lives away…


…Sehrish’s desk is covered in snow and Christmas lights as she excitedly loads up Smiggle’s sleigh to circumnavigate those busy shops. Bloggers have received their presents early, whether they’ve been naughty or nice, and we’re really excited to see their reviews.


Now, a quick question to tease you: What have Sheaffer, Nu:Co and Maped Helix got in common?


They’ve all been announced as sponsors of the 2016 National Stationery Week of course! We’re unbelievably excited to get you excited about the most indispensible tools in the land: The pen, the paper and the colouring pencils.


As it’s Friday October 9 and its National poetry day, there’s only one appropriate way to end this blog post.


There once was a young man called Ben,

Who decided to pick up his pen,

He wrote a quick verse,

Till his ink did disperse,

So he’s never written again!

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