Big Fun at Small Man Media

What do you get if you cross three men, two women, a dog and an eight year old child? A PR firm, of course.

Combining the best of Wolverhampton with years of experience and industry know-how, Small Man Media is a place where no two days are the same, whether it’s rubbing shoulders with World Championship Formula One drivers and snooker players, organising large art events or celebrating National Stationery Week with some of the world’s stationery giants.

Creative ideas galore, a selection of fun experiences await as soon as your walk up the stairs to a world of excitement, creativity and teamwork. Helping our clients celebrate some of the most successful UK campaigns, driving around the French Riviera launching new tyres and presenting creative genius at the Mall Galleries is all in an average day.

Amongst this, Small Man Media has weekly team meetings guaranteed, to measure progress and ensure well-being amongst the Small Man Media family.

It’s safe to say, the team has a nose for news, a bark as big as its bite and a tail that’s always wagging. And that’s without Jake, our year-old cocker spaniel! Walking the dog is actively encouraged, keeping blood flowing to stimulate the mind and body, whilst keeping our furry friend happy!

Bounding around and making lots of noise, our Account Executive Dan makes sure that musical notes stream through the office before the daily Pop Master challenge occurs! It certainly gets competitive.

A real-family feel, our small-team knit together like the finest scarf, producing results time and time again, ensuring that no campaign is the same and no day is either.

Encouraging improvement in all areas of work and self-development, team building days, funding set aside for lessons in marketing, writing, phone manners, Small Man Media encourages rounded individuals with a selection of transferable skills.

The team ensure great contacts for life with a selection of networking events occurring in the Black Country, whether those new contacts helped business progression or just to chew the fat.

Dress down Fridays ensure those creative juices flow freely, whether you’re dressed in your Sunday best or dressed up as Superman.

Happiness occurs in variation, in a light and encouraging atmosphere where no question or idea is silly! Everything adds to the melting pot with regular brain bounces, where our experiences and personalities collide to create fantastic opportunities and campaigns.

Taking time away from the desk is actively encouraged, especially during lunch hours to inspire creativity and taking the mind away from work, before returning with those batteries fully charged. Be it a sandwich in the shopping centre, a coffee in Costa or a pasta pot in the park, an hour in the outdoors is beneficial, always allowing our surrounding to inspire us.

Waterloo Road. No drama. Just fantastic results and fantastic fun. All work, all meetings and all creativity is done with a big smile at Small Man Media.

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