Something For The Weekend, Not That We Have Them

Thankfully, we’ve managed to stave off the imminent nuclear apocalypse long enough for me to compose my first blog for Small Man Media, the first of what I am reliably assured will be many [we don’t remember agreeing that – Rachel and Ben].


I am Pete, Small Man’s Writer Monkey, and I hope to be popping up every now and then to let you know what’s been going on, what will be going on, any new passengers on the good ship Small Man, how you can get on board, how stormy the seas of PR are right now, the weather conditions ahead [okay Pete, we get it – Rachel and Ben].


Normal people may well get to enjoy those things we are reliably informed are known as ‘weekends’ but at Small Man we rarely get to experience them – indeed, our only recognised weekend takes place between 1am and 8.30am on a Wednesday.


Our Man Dan, for example, spent his Sunday in the rarefied climes of St John’s Smith Square in London, watching and listening to award-winning pianist Lucy Parham tinkling on the old Joanna for Sheaffer Sunday Matinees, a series of shows organised by the prestige pen-makers.

Lucy Parham, centre, with actors Tim McInnerny and Dame Harriet Waler
Lucy Parham, centre, with actors Tim McInnerny and Dame Harriet Walter

“The show focused on the Posh and Becks of classical music, Robert and Clara Schumann, and Johannes Brahms,” said Dan, quite clearly reading from the programme.


Top Banana Ben, meanwhile, has been spending his time hanging out with Olympians Daley Thompson (gold medal-winning decathlete) and Chris Mears (gold medal-winning diver) and also Solheim Cup golfer Charley Hull, in Northumberland on Thursday.


#The chaps are Bridgestone’s Olympic ambassadors, with the exception of Ben, who only really stretches to a bit of 5-a-side. They all convened for the pro-am golf tournament prelude to the British Masters on the Wednesday for Bridgestone’s Chase Your Dreams Trophy winners, followed by a chance for assembled press fans to meet the Olympic ambassadors yesterday. However, the Top Banana glowed effervescent yellow with delight when he met Ashes heroes Jimmy Anderson (below, with hair) and Stuart Broad at the festivities.




Also sacrificing her weekend on the altar of quality PR was Big Enchilada Rachel, who saw Artline-sponsored MINI racer George Sutton bringing the MINI Challenge season to a close at Donington raceway.


The day was a special one for fans of George Suttons, since it saw five-year-old George Sutton from Derbyshire enjoying a VIP experience courtesy of Artline, and meeting George Sutton the driver (who will hereafter be known as ‘George Sutton 2.0’) into the bargain. George Sutton won the chance to meet George Sutton 2.0 by submitting a little video (click above), and could only have been more excited by his MINI day if they’d actually let him drive one.


There’s a point to all this work, of course – sweet, sweet coverage! And this week saw our pre-Althorp Festival giveaways finding their way into the Daily Express, Now, Woman and Woman’s Own; and Bridgestone’s British Masters fun gracing the pages of the likes of The Daily Mirror, Golf Shake, Golf Punk and floating out on the airwaves at TalkSport.


So that’s what’s been going down. Hopefully I will be updating you again soon but Ben and Rachel are in the corner muttering to each other and staring daggers at me so I must have done something wrong.


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Pete Cashmore, Small Man Media’s Writer Monkey, is an occasionally award-winning writer from Wolverhampton who writes for The Guardian and who has written for The Sun, Mirror Group, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, Nuts, Loaded, The Face, Arena, Marie Claire, Grazia, Channel 4 and The Scotsman. He also won a series of Countdown once, and won’t shut up about it.

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