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There is a belief, widely held by those who have no actual experience of the industry, that the PR life is all about first class travel, all-expenses jaunts to foreign climes, dining on gubbins like snail porridge in the finest restaurants in the world, and hob-nobbing with the great and good.

And it’s right! That’s exactly what it’s like. It’s non-stop glamour and glitz, and nowhere is this more true than at Small Man Media, your one-stop shop for insight into the jet-setting high life. It’s 9.48am here at the office, for example, and we’ve already polished off two tins of beluga caviar. ON TOAST, FOR BREAKFAST! ON A THURSDAY!

In our office, we eat this for breakfast EVERY DAY
In our office, we eat this for breakfast EVERY DAY

It has been another crazy week of transglobal pootling (pootling, it’s a word, look it up, don’t ask ME to do all the work) for the team, because as the saying goes, ‘When the world is your oyster, pop a bit of tabasco sauce on it and eat it.’ We think it’s something like that anyway. On Sunday, for example, Dynamite Dan was off to London for the latest in the Sheaffer Sunday Matinees series of concerts by celebrated pianist Lucy Parham. Taking place in the gob-smackingly swish St John’s Smith Square venue and featuring the acting chops of Alex Jennings and Patricia ‘Miranda Hart’s TV mom’ Hodge, the concert told the story of the romantic life of the composer Frederic Chopin. Said young Daniel: “My young eyes and ears have never known such grandiosity and wonder! I left for London an uncultured boy, but I return a man with music indelibly etched into my very soul!”

We don’t know why he talks like that, he supports West Bromwich Albion.

The venue for Sheaffer Sunday Matinees - it's dead swish!
The venue for Sheaffer Sunday Matinees – it’s dead plush!

The very next day, it was Head Honcho Ben‘s turn to throw a knapsack across his back and head to the capital, specifically The Black Heart in Camden, to meet all of the shortlisted acts in Firestone’s 2017 Battle Of The Bands contest. Six acts have made it through into the round of voting, and one of them, of course, will go onto bag themselves studio time and amp equipment courtesy of Orange Amplification, not to mention the kudos of being recognised as one of the UK’s very toppermost unsigned acts.

The exact identities of the chosen six will be revealed in due course, but the boss man reported back with the news that the shortlist is an intriguing mix of rockers, rappers, pure pop artistes and one band who are happy to admit they they are in their late forties. “I believe I may have discovered The Next Big Thing,” said Ben, and he wasn’t referring to the venue’s lunch buffet.

Firestone's 2017 Battle Of The Band finalists
Firestone’s 2017 Battle Of The Band finalists

Not to be outdone by the chaps’ London larks – their ‘capital FUNishment’ if you like!!! – Big Enchilada Rachel was herself racking up the travel miles on Tuesday, as she gadded off to Manchester for the second Manchester Stationery Show at Victoria Warehouse, Old Trafford. The very finest stationery manufacturers packed the venue with examples of their latest wares, and so Small Man just had to be there, because we are to stationery PR what Donald Trump is to ownership of tiny ickle Tyrannosurus hands.

Manchester Stationery Show's fancy-Dan entrance display
Manchester Stationery Show’s fancy-Dan entrance display, looking all arresting

Said Rachel: “I always love attending exhibitions, not only to have a break away from the desk, but I always find it a great way to see what’s going on with new design trends, how companies present  themselves and what designs are used on exhibition stands.” Which we reckon is code for ‘I get given lots of free drinks and stuff’.

All of which goes to show that when it comes to miles travelled in order to further the Small Man cause, an average week sees us LITERALLY (by which we mean FIGURATIVELY) going to the Moon and back. And we would not have it any other way.

This blog was brought to you by the Small Man Media Writer Monkey, Pete Cashmore. This week Pete won £11 on a pub quiz machine in Stafford. It is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to him in his life. 

Writer Monkey Pete, overjoyed by his quiz machine win
Writer Monkey Pete, overjoyed by his quiz machine win

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