2017: A Year In Figures (And Food Metaphors)

Happy new year
Happy new year
May we all have a vision now and then
Of a world where every neighbour is a friend.” Abba, ‘Happy New Year’

Yes, as Abba seem so keen to remind us, it’s the end of the year, pretty much, a time when, if you are the world’s most award-winningest top-banana PR agency, you look back at the year gone by and ponder all your many successes. It has been something of a terrific 2017 here at Small Man Media, where every neighbour really IS a friend, just because we’re nice like that and it means we get more cards.

Abba wish you a Happy New Year, and so do we
Abba wish you a Happy New Year, and so do we

PR, as we all know, is not an exact science, but if it were, then we’d be on some Nobel Prize-winning just-discovered-a-new-metal-that’s-better-than-all-the-others type of tip. We live PR, we breathe PR, and when we sleep, which isn’t very often, we dream of doing the PR for sheep. The idea is that, when the end of the year comes around, our almost psychotic commitment to the Small Man cause has reaped its dividends and we can look back on a good PR job well done. In a sense, this blog is like the Small Man equivalent of Christmas Day Top Of The Pops, as it gathers together some of our year’s biggest hits in a party atmosphere.

Because when it comes to feeling a warm, Christmassy, mulled wine glow inside, every PR type gets as toasty as a chestnut roasting on an open fire (or indeed, a closed one, all fire is pretty hot as far as we can see) when all of their hard work results in coverage. Lovely, lovely coverage. It’s not the most important ‘C’ word in the world right now, thanks to Christmas, crackers, chocolate, Claus (Santa) and cheese plates, but over the course of the year just gone, it was the one word that stoked the Small Man Media engine. When the scent of coverage is in our nostrils, we can’t be stopped. We’re like hogs hunting for truffles.

Which is why our end-of-the-year fact fondue (sorry about all the food metaphors, it’s the Small Man Christmas dinner on Tuesday) serves up some pretty delicious figures. Imagine, if you can, that you are Bridgestone Tyres, one of our beloved clients. You’d have no reason to shout ‘BAH HUMBUG!’ when faced with figures like the following:

  • 538 proactive articles in the consumer press
  • 354 million views online of viral content like golf star Charley Hull, below, showing off her golfing chops in the Bridgestone Skills Challenge
  • An Equivalent Advertising Value, or EAV, of ONE MILLION, ONE HUNDRED AND THREE THOUSAND, SEVEN HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TWO POUNDS, or £1,103,772 for short
  • Appearances in The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Record, The Scotsman, Men’s Health and Sky Sports News.

That’s a tasty pig in a blanket right there! The key figure in that mix is the one of EAV. What is EAV, we hear you cry? Well, as the name suggests, it is the amount of money that someone would have to spend in order to secure that coverage as pure advertising space. One point one million quid’s worth, ladies and gentlemen – put that coverage under the mistletoe and give it a great big kiss!

Did someone mention pigs in blankets? Of course we did, we’re absolutely obsessed. Now, one thing that tastes nice with pigs in blankets is mustard, which brings us neatly on to another resident in our stable of talent, Mustard stationery, who have actually featured on ITV’s This Morning – that means that in the region of 1.5 million people will have seen them – while this very blog was being written. MORE COVERAGE, LIVE FROM THE SCENE! The coverage keeps on rollin’ in, kids! This comes in the same week that Mustard’s insanely ingenious creations have also popped up in Heat magazine – that’s a weekly readership of 120,000 people right there – with other major national magazine appearances already in the offing.

Mustard pop up in Heat magazine - tasty!
Mustard pop up in Heat magazine – tasty!

And yet still we work like elves on Christmas Eve – we just can’t stand still for a second. You could say we don’t like being stationary. Which is ironic, because we REALLY like stationery (see what we did there?) and nowhere did we get a better chance to showcase our love, than during National Stationery Week in the spring. Oh, what a week that was. And if it’s figures you want to help you understand EXACTLY what a week it was:

  • 74.5 million people reached via print and online coverage
  • The National Stationery Week hashtag trending on that Twitter for three days in a row
  • 35 million listeners reached by coverage on national radio shows
  • Social media likes from people in over 90 countries worldwide.
A lovely infographic detailing National Stationery Week's reach
A lovely infographic detailing National Stationery Week’s reach

It’s handy, really, that this is the season of goodwill to all, because you just can’t argue with those results. It just proves that if you refuse to rest on your laurels, strive to come up with new and arresting ideas and stay tirelessly proactive with your clients, all good things will come your way.

So what does 2018 have in store for Small Man Media? More of the same. Much more of the same. Only even better. Remember: Coverage is the truffle, and we are the happy pigs (not in blankets this time) who find it.

A visual metaphor for Small Man Media's PR skills
A visual metaphor for Small Man Media’s PR skills

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