“PR is like Arctic Roll…” Dan celebrates three years with Small Man Media


Sometimes, the stars align and everything falls into place. It seems like that’s what happened when I finished University. The day after my graduation, I started work at Small Man Media. Dewey eyed, ready to impress.


Despite, many desk moves, a few changing faces and many events, press releases and cups of tea later, it seemed more than appropriate to reflect on how it all began – via a lot of football chat and an eighties dessert favourite.


Let’s have our Doctor Who moment and go back in time.


I rang the bell at 6 Waterloo Road in 2015, full of intrepidation. ‘Hello Dan, lovely to meet you. I’m heading off to London for an event soon, but it’s great to meet you.’ Right, thought I, it’s time to make an impression.


One quick interview down and another to go. Build a presentation about what you think PR is and how you’d action it for our client.


Safe to say, I came up with the strangest possible idea. It really was a case of ‘breaking some eggs to make an omlette.’ How that omlette turned out was all down to what happened here!


But looking back, my kooky idea definitely sweetened my pitch up.


‘PR is like an arctic roll.’


Stunned faces. It’s like I’d told Ben and Rachel that I was the messiah. It was more disbelief than amazement. In that moment, I knew I’d bottled it. ‘What on earth is this bequiffed Dudley boy talking about?’


Let me explain… if I can.


A PR agency, like the one whose website you’re reading right now, is the strawberry jam, binding the soft cake to the sweet vanilla ice cream.


The consumer is the ice cream. They’re the sweet centre that everybody wants to get to, sometimes a little bit tougher than the other layers but the best bit nonetheless.


The cake is the client. They keep all this neat little package tied together!

Get it? I think I still do… but I’m sure I can think of better metaphors now. Press releases are like trifle? Web Design is like Crispy Pancakes? Probably not…. and it’s time to stop these strange 1980’s references.


But it worked. I’m still here, still as keen and excitable as still. Still fully of exciting, colourful and sometimes crazy ideas. Still achieving results for clients.


Lucky then that I changed my presentation from ‘Small Man Media is like Paul Scholes!’ (underrated, misunderstood and absolutely world class!)


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