How to make the most of your Linkedin account


Aside from dogs doing the funniest things on camera, intricate recipes for food you’re unsure of and adverts for products you’ll never buy, social media can be a useful tool.


But how often do you think about your LinkedIn?


Due to a difficult UI (that’s your experience on the site to the average web browser!) and minimal knowledge of the site, many people set up a LinkedIn and leave it to hang like a bad pixel-based smell.


With 500m users currently using the platform and 40% of those users (that’s 200m people) using the platform every day, your next sales opportunity, key buyer contact or employee could be just around the corner.


However, with so little time and so much to do, here’s five quick ways to make the most of a platform with a huge amount of potential for you – and your business.


  1. How up-to-date is your personal profile?


Whether it’s a new moustache you’ve cultivated or a change in your job role, it’s still important to keep on top your LinkedIn profile, so visitors to your page know exactly what you’re all about.


Making sure you boast an eye-catching statement is important, as is a testimonial or two from recent work contacts. Don’t be afraid to call in a favour in this regard, because first impressions do indeed last.

When it comes to LinkedIn, being self-effacing and modest just won’t cut it. Don’t just back your ability, but get others to back it too! You’ll be surprised when you receive so many plaudits from work contacts once you’ve asked for the favour.


All of this work puts your name at the top of people’s list – as well as helping put you towards the top of LinkedIn’s complicated search algorithms.


  1. Stay in touch – with everything, everyone, everywhere.

Linkedin 4

If LinkedIn is the coffee shop of online business, then why are you sitting in a corner of your local greasy spoon?


By keeping in touch with key contacts via messenger and regularly posting, connecting to industry groups and staying abreast of latest news, people begin to visit your profile to see what you’re up to.


Anywhere you can drop a comment – from a quick ‘well done’ to a more in-depth post about the inner workings of your industry – will keep you at the forefront of people’s minds when it comes to purchasing a service or product.


As an added bonus, LinkedIn likes people who post regularly and use its platform as a place to talk. Much like an Olympic runner -the more active you are, the more likely you are to sit at the top of the content podium!

  1. Use Linkedin for sales leads.

Linkedin 5

Is your business looking for new business? Do you have time and money to dedicate to find it when you’re busy balancing all those plates in your office?


If you’re like us, then the answer is likely to be no. But cometh the hour, cometh LinkedIn! It has the potential to be your new business development director.


By targeting those businesses that you’d like to work with, you can search for the key contact within a particular company, before popping them your latest catalogue, letter or a quick ‘Hello, my name is Dan from Small Man Media.’


However, try not to use LinkedIn like Tinder (the mind boggles eh?!). Accepting everyone really clutters up your news feed, limits the chance of starting meaningful relationships and leaves you in a loveless digital platform surrounded by nothing but recruitment professionals.


Sometimes people can get hooked by the amount of connections they have, as they subconsciously view the figure as some sort of status symbol of popularity. Don’t get seduced this way. Instead, look for quality connections and keep them interested thereafter.



  1. Make the most of your business page

 Linkedin 6

If your personal page is the place to grab a fancy machi-cof-a-cini (personally, we prefer a hearty cup of tea every day of the week), then your business page is the flagpole from which you fly your company logo from.


It’s a great way to get all of your employees connected to one central hub, whilst sharing success stories, news and sales promotions to the outside world.


Encouraging your employees and motivating yourself to share your business page updates to your personal page will expand your network of likes too. LinkedIn business pages act much like Facebook pages – just with less videos of happy dogs eating vegetables and so forth!


  1. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag.

Linkedin 7

LinkedIn acts like Twitter in this regard. Imagine what company CEO’s are searching. Let’s use an example of Mr Bob Jones at Cheese and Biscuits Co.


Mr Jones isn’t searching for #cheese or #biscuits because they’re simply too broad. He may be searching for #FoodSafety though or, if we want to go really niche, #CheeseProduction or #BiscuitMarketing.


What we’re trying to say here, in a ‘cheesy’ way, is think about your hashtags by working backwards.


What will your target user be searching?


What hashtags associate to your story?


Ultimately, it’s all down to one big question – Where do you want to be seen?


A great way to start is by researching what hashtags are being used in industry groups, what hashtags your competitors are using and what hashtags are getting the most clicks.


  1. Don’t know where to begin or need some help? Give Small Man Media a call.

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Small Man Media has managed LinkedIn accounts across multiple industries and can support with any LinkedIn requirements you need.


Whether it’s a well-crafted update, a smart company video or finding your next big sales lead, our team can take the digital weight off your desk!


Make your LinkedIn your business stronghold!


Give us a call now on 01902 587 001 or email

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