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Writing a blog about what we’ve been up to at Small Man Media should be the easiest thing in the world.


We’re a team of writers (amongst other PR and marketing things) after all. But such blogs were never meant to be compiled by my fair-to-middling fingers, but a guy who was far more poetic and quick witted than me, who did things with the written word that I could only ever marvel at.


Pete Cashmore was our blogger-in-chief for a year or so, and could make the most mundane of working weeks read like a scene from Devil Wears Prada. Where Black Country conference calls would assume Hollywood-blockbuster proportions.


Pete died a couple of months ago.


I’m not sure I have any right to miss him as much as I do, but boy I miss him. He was a comic strip Chaucer; a Jack Dee Dickens; a Roger Mellie maverick who put the Viz into ‘advizor’ for us at Small Man Media, for the short time he was here.


Pete was with us for a year or so, leaving in 2018 at the blink of an eye. I still beat myself up today about not following him to find out why he left, but I know he had his reasons. And at the point I thought I would look him up, he’d gone for good.


Writing a blog about our weekly comings-and-goings should really be a doddle, but when Pete did it so much better, it’s been easier to put it off and not tell you what we’ve been up to.


But we’ve been up to a lot, and if one person would advocate us writing about it, then it would be our mate Pete. As I type, a plant is growing quite resplendently beside the desk where he’d once work, which is a nice metaphor from where to begin. He’d like this, we think.


One of our clients, Firestone, is benefiting from some excellent PR outreach from the team, with the Daily Telegraph lapping up the brand and its marketing activations in the world of music. A big online piece was secured for Firestone here, which probably tells the story better than we can in a few words here. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/what-to-listen-to/john-nicholas-performs-song-wanted/ Suffice to say, we did a good job at engaging with some of the biggest bloggers and journalists, as this article shows.

John Nicholas FS_4

It’s not just PR and incredible exposure that we are responsible for. We have more strings to our bow than that mad Irish woman on Britain’s Got Talent. (you know, the one who straddled a harp?!). Anyway, we also create websites and formulate brand identities for clients. Bolt and Nut, a manufacturing giant from the Black Country, is now looking and feeling fresher thanks to our marketing efforts. We think that we’re making first impressions last here with a fine new website, but let us know what you think. www.bnml.co.uk

B+n new

We’ve been motoring for our automotive friends at Autogem of late, too. They were exhibiting at the NEC for the Automechanika exhibition this week, and we have been shouting about their work on their behalf. Aside from a lorry-load of press coverage in recent weeks, we’ve also created an all-singing newsletter for the Autogem team to send to their customers electronically – not to mention visitors to the show. Again, have a look at what we’ve created here and let us know what you think.


Download the Autogem Newsletter here: Autogem Newsletter


I could go on about other success stories, including award submissions for Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre manufacturer, and scores of press releases in readiness for more national coverage in the coming weeks, but you get the gist.

I’d prefer to sign-off with an ode to the Countdown-conundrum-cruncher called Cashmore (he won the whole Channel 4 show once, did you know?!).


There once was a man called Cashmore

Who once took a walk through our door

His writing was bliss

Much better than this

He came and he conquered and saw!


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