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July 25, 2017
Small Man Media

Say ‘I do’ to a gift from CROSS Pens

Cross You and Me


Whether getting married in a traditional manner or making a grand gesture in Las Vegas, there are so many little details to organise for your big day.

However, Cross Pens have made the choice of gifts or wedding favours easy with a selection of beautiful and easily customisable pens.

The brand, which has been creating beautiful and trustworthy pens since 1846, are able to engrave many pens with a custom message to ensure your special day is one to be cherished.

Whether you’ve got a small ceremony or a gathering of family, friends and colleagues, there is a pen in the Cross range that is perfect for thanking the best men and groomsmen for all their help, a gift to each bridesmaid for sorting out those finer details or a treasured memory for the mother and father of the bride.

Cross’ wide selection of colourful, classic and iconic pens will ensure that you pick the ‘write gift’ no matter who you’re buying for.

Our Gift Suggestions

.The Best Man
The role of the best man at every wedding is a pivotal one and that makes the Cross Townsend the perfect reward for your best friend. Combing the elegance of a smart suit with a bold shape makes the Cross Townsend the pen to endure for a lifetime of friendship

The Bridesmaids….

For your bridesmaids, colour and fun is certainly the way to go. Cross’ instantly recognisable head turning designs will certainly make your groomsman blush!


The Cross Botanica Day Lily Ballpoint Pen adds a uniquely feminine twist to an iconic pen. Gold swirls are complimented by blue and purple flowers, making this the perfect thank you gift for all their support.


However, there can only be one person who catches the bouquet, so the Beverly ballpoint pen is the perfect choice if you’ve got more than one bridesmaid. The Beverly comes in a gorgeous selection of colours to blend seamlessly with any theme whilst lustrous chrome accenting makes anyone writing stand out, whether putting a name in your guestbook or signing your RSVP!

For the happy couple…

Last but not least, the Cross Classic Century Lustrous Chrome combines 50’s art deco design with head-turning style. The set comes with both a pen and pencil, ensuring that the happy couple aren’t the only perfect pairing on the day. A slim-line silver body adds just a glimmer of detail to ensure that all the attention is on you on your big day.


So, no matter how big your occasion, Cross is the perfect guest to invite to your wedding with a pen for everyone!

September 29, 2016
Small Man Media

Big Fun at Small Man Media

What do you get if you cross three men, two women, a dog and an eight year old child? A PR firm, of course.

Combining the best of Wolverhampton with years of experience and industry know-how, Small Man Media is a place where no two days are the same, whether it’s rubbing shoulders with World Championship Formula One drivers and snooker players, organising large art events or celebrating National Stationery Week with some of the world’s stationery giants.

February 14, 2016
Small Man Media

I get knocked down, but I’ll get up again!

A little flirting on social media has never hurt anyone, has it?


A poke here, a re-tweet there and soon your online worlds collide.


The relationships begin.


January 12, 2016
Small Man Media

There’s a Star Man, waiting in the sky…


I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir.


It’s often difficult to find the correct opening sentence to start a story. A man of this magnitude makes it incredibly difficult and the Brixton-born Bowie has never been and will never be a straight forward story.


Like his final single, ‘Lazarus’, Bowie was a self-styled, ever-changing messiah whose incarnations and resurrections would dazzle, inspire and alter not only fashion and art, but British culture as we know it.

October 20, 2015
Small Man Media

The Week in Words – Busy ten days edition!

Thirty-three floors. Fifteen seconds. Sounds like the tag line for a horror movie! However, this lift journey was far from scary. Our final destination this time was an amazing view of the capital. Where could be better to end a week?


Our high flying executives travelled down to London for an exciting business meeting. A black cab awaited like an Apprentice challenge and Rachel, Ben and Dan where whisked away to the Shard. This was almost like a movie.