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October 9, 2015
Small Man Media

Roll out the white carpet and colour it red! A VIP colouring book launch event in the heart of the gorgeously green Lake District has seen Rachel and Dan travel to an evening of glitz and glamour that would turn the Oscars blue with envy.


This event was all in support of Derwent’s fantastic new colouring book ‘Unwind in the Wilds’ and an early start was certainly in order. Arriving swiftly at 11am, the intrepid duo arrived in good time to witness artist Sarah Taylor become headline news on BBC’s Look North bulletin. This was the first of many memorable moments in England’s green and pleasant land.

October 2, 2015
Small Man Media

That was the week that was…

Sweden has always had greatness thrust upon it.


One long-haired number 10 scores a 40-yard wonder volley, Zlatan does what Zlatan does best. Wembley is in raptures. Genius.


Four trim Swedes sings about a British battle. Toe-tapping cheesy pop fun. Eurovision in the bag for 1974.