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January 12, 2016
Small Man Media

There’s a Star Man, waiting in the sky…


I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir.


It’s often difficult to find the correct opening sentence to start a story. A man of this magnitude makes it incredibly difficult and the Brixton-born Bowie has never been and will never be a straight forward story.


Like his final single, ‘Lazarus’, Bowie was a self-styled, ever-changing messiah whose incarnations and resurrections would dazzle, inspire and alter not only fashion and art, but British culture as we know it.

October 20, 2015
Small Man Media

The Week in Words – Busy ten days edition!

Thirty-three floors. Fifteen seconds. Sounds like the tag line for a horror movie! However, this lift journey was far from scary. Our final destination this time was an amazing view of the capital. Where could be better to end a week?


Our high flying executives travelled down to London for an exciting business meeting. A black cab awaited like an Apprentice challenge and Rachel, Ben and Dan where whisked away to the Shard. This was almost like a movie.


October 9, 2015
Small Man Media

Roll out the white carpet and colour it red! A VIP colouring book launch event in the heart of the gorgeously green Lake District has seen Rachel and Dan travel to an evening of glitz and glamour that would turn the Oscars blue with envy.


This event was all in support of Derwent’s fantastic new colouring book ‘Unwind in the Wilds’ and an early start was certainly in order. Arriving swiftly at 11am, the intrepid duo arrived in good time to witness artist Sarah Taylor become headline news on BBC’s Look North bulletin. This was the first of many memorable moments in England’s green and pleasant land.

October 2, 2015
Small Man Media

That was the week that was…

Sweden has always had greatness thrust upon it.


One long-haired number 10 scores a 40-yard wonder volley, Zlatan does what Zlatan does best. Wembley is in raptures. Genius.


Four trim Swedes sings about a British battle. Toe-tapping cheesy pop fun. Eurovision in the bag for 1974.

October 1, 2015
Small Man Media

Ben Smallman – Managing Director of Small Man Media

BenBen is a partner in more ways than one. Wife Rachel is the managing director of Small Man Media and he is her partner!

As a former chief news reporter at the UK’s largest regional newspaper, Ben is always searching for a headline grabbing story to tell.

He constantly puts his 100 word-per-minute shorthand to great use to create compelling content that makes an impression with newsdesks across the UK.

With seven years of PR experience – both in-house and agency environments – Ben is equally adept working on the ‘other side of the fence.’

His prolific outputs are typical of a journalist who never switches off, earning unanimous approval from clients past and present.

Whether it’s national, regional or trade PR, Ben is pro-active, hugely enthusiastic and leads by example to deliver effective results across a range of media channels.