Cross create a Year Of The Dog special edition pen with pedigree

Cross Office Dog of the Year Pen


2018 sees the start of the Chinese Year Of The Dog. Like the animal it represents, those born under this sign are loyal, affectionate, friendly, big-hearted and willing to put themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of others.

The year begins on February 16, and is a year of the Earth Dog, which means twelve months of patience, thoughtfulness, warmth and stability. In other words, it will be a good year for those born in it, and those born in the year of Earth Dogs that have gone before.

Some famous faces born in previous years include our very own Judi Dench, Vince Vaughn, Justin Bieber, Madonna and Elvis Presley!

A good year in the offing deserves a beautiful gift to herald its opening. The Cross Townsend Zodiac Year Of The Dog Special Edition pen is that gift, a prestigious, some might say pedigree, pen befitting of a year honouring our closest animal friend, perfect for Christmas and beyond.

The Year Of The Dog pen is hand-crafted from the finest materials, adorned with a red Swarovski crystal set into the top of the pen-cap, an etched engraving of a dog hewn from 23KT gold plating, and a delectably stylish polished black lacquer finish.

For those of us who believe in the powers of fate and destiny, the pen’s design is a representation of good luck and fortune – even its pricing is a harbinger of good things to come with the Chinese lucky number of eight featuring throughout the range – with pens retailing at £208 (Ballpen), £258 (Rollingball) and £308 (fountain pen).

All of the pen writing technologies– come in a luxury gift box with a Year of the Dog themed sleeve, pen stand, and a romance card. The exquisite fountain pen, in addition, boasts an 18KT gold nib. And although the coming Year of The Earth Dog only lasts a year, these beautiful gifts have a lifetime guarantee.

A gift, then, to inspire affection, loyalty and warmth, just like the animal it represents.

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