Derwent relaunch pen category with new Paint Pens

Paint Pen

January 2019 – Following extensive research and discussions with inter-disciplinary artists, Derwent are proud to announce the relaunch of its pen category.


Derwent Paint Pens will replace the Graphik Line Painter range and are presented in new-look packaging to bring the range in-line with Derwent’s professional collection.


Moving away from a plastic wallet, the new packaging is made from a new recyclable material that will feature the arwork of British-creative Carne Griffiths.


Clearer categorisation and more inspiring brand visuals have been added to ease consumer use and increase consumer understanding of how to use pens and their versatility.


Featuring a 0.5mm Japanese nib and filled with a highly lightfast, vibrant pigment ink, Derwent Paint Pens are permanent and water-soluble, and can be used for a variety of techniques on a range of surfaces.


Twenty bold colours inspire artists to create art that is guaranteed to catch the eye with both painterly techniques and the ability to achieve fine detail.


Paint Pens will be available to purchase individually or as sets of five. There are four colour pack options available.


The repositioning of the collection follows extensive tralling with international artists – including discussion about the product name, the packaging, the environmental credentials and its usability with other products in the Derwent portfolio.


Mike Stranders, General Manager of Derwent said: “Repositioning our pen category has been an important focus for the brand.


“Our pen offering is unique and we want to make very clear our product proposition to the consumer, in order to aid their purchase decision.


“By refocussing the category and making product information clearer to consumers, we hope to bring a greater understanding to our pen products and inspring artists with new uses that they may not have thought of.”


Derwent Paint Pens will be relaunched to trade customers at Creativeworld in January before being available on from March. Individual pens in the Paint Pens Collection are available for £3.49/€4.99/$5.29 whilst each of the four palettes are available for £17.45/€24.95/$26.45.