Draw inspiration from Derwent in September

Returning to school isn’t easy after a summer in the rolling hills of Cumbria or the European sunshine, whether you’re putting a pencil to paper for the first time or whether your big final project is due in May.

However, with Derwent, the renowned artists’ brand, you can draw inspiration from the playground to the exam hall. A selection of high-quality, innovative products traditionally manufacturing to help you through till May.

For those making a start in art, Lakeland is the perfect place to add a splash of colour to workbooks and sketchpads. With their rainbow of colours, Lakeland’s colouring range comes both in both traditional and water-soluble styles. Paired with chunky graphite pencils, you can inspire the next generation of artist, whilst encouraging fun and collaborative design.

If you’re little one is a little more advanced, or for those starting art classes in September, why not rely on the stationery staple in the Academy Sketching Set. Ideal for pencil cases, this complete set combines a six sketching pencils, with an eraser, sharpener, blending stumps, two graphite blocks and two pastel blocks for ultimate artistic control. Ideal for sketching the landscape whilst stuck on the bus or creating masterpieces during lunch.

Going back to classrooms and homework seems like an arduous task! So, why not treat yourself to a Wooden Box, packed full of the Academy ranges most popular pencils? Combining colouring with watercolour and sketching, creation could not be easier. Those pencils will be kept sharp with included pencil sharpener and with an A5 pad neatly tucked into the stylish carry case, art can be crafted on the kitchen table or on-the-go.

Art has always been my passion and if it’s always been yours, then you’ll enjoy going back to school. Derwent is helping you go back to school with the finest school to make your artwork shine amongst those in the gallery, in the school corridor or in your own home.

We’re excited to launch the newly-improved Graphic range but we’re most excited to see what our Derwent ambassadors can create with them from September to the end of the school year. With an improved core and a range that covers all densities and textures, depth, colour and tone can all be created with 24 Graphic Pencils, ranging from 9H to 9B.

Although good things come in small packages, Derwent’s XL blocks are the chunky charcoal and graphite blocks with a lot to offer. The block offers a range of textures and it’s six-sided shape allows versatility in design, with endless possibilities to create shapes of all sizes and strengths. These are ideal for landscaping, so on those long college breaks, why not put block to canvas and create a moving winter masterpiece.

But if you’re looking for a motto to live by this school year, it’s safety first. Your art materials are second to where they’re stored. Derwent’s Pencil-Wrap and Carry-all will fast become your best friend as you carry treasured materials, sketchpads and electronic gadget as you begin your learning adventure.

However, a journey into the unknown cannot begin without that first steps onto the blank piece of paper. Our ‘Sketch & Store’ notepads not only offer a place for you to let your inspiration collect, its in-built pocked means you can collect your inspirations from autumn leaves to train-tickets from summer adventures.

Inspiration comes from within and without, but as you sharpen your minds, make sure you keep those pencils sharp with our mechanical hand-crank sharpener to help you get straight to the point, whilst our erasers are due to help clear those mistakes that everyone makes.


So, no matter where you’re starting school, college, university or that first leap into the world of art, Derwent will help you complete your journey and make sure both you, and you’re tutors, are drawn to perfection!