East Cork Rapid Response making more journeys with Bridgestone


An emergency rescue charity in Ireland will be making many more life-saving journeys on some of the best performing tyres possible, after Bridgestone agreed to kit out their response vehicle in its premium Potenza product.


East Cork Rapid Response (ECRR) is a registered charity that provides a variety of pre-hospital emergency medical support to communities throughout east Cork.

For a number of years, its critical care doctor has been supporting the emergency services in the region on a voluntary basis – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When called upon by the National Ambulance Service, Doctor Hugh Doran and John Kelleher will respond to incidents in a purpose build Volvo response vehicle, which is now shod on Bridgestone tyres.
The volunteers tend to a wide range of emergencies, ranging from heart attack victims to pregnant women in labour. Bridgestone has been long standing admirers of the work that the charity carries out and were keen to show their support by way of a supply of its premium Potenza S001 tyres, which provide exceptional handling, precision and response at high speeds.


In addition, Bridgestone will also supply its premium winter tyres when the temperatures drop later in the year, in order for the response team to attend some of the more remote locations where access is challenging in inclement conditions.


Dr Hugh Doran said: “We can’t thank Bridgestone enough for their generosity. Their tyres make a huge difference to us. We are saving between €2,000 and €3,000 per year as a result, which is a huge sum of money to us. There is a safety factor that we are benefiting from too. Bridgestone’s Potenza tyres are fantastic to drive on in all conditions and it is reassuring to know that we are attending call-outs in the very best performing tyres.”


Bridgestone Ireland’s sales manager Andrew Dowdall said: “We have a strong presence in southern Ireland and Cork and we are aware of the life-saving work undertaken by East Cork Rapid Response.


“When we were made aware of an opportunity to support their voluntary work by way of a supply of tyres, then we couldn’t get involved quickly enough. Dr Hugh Doran and John Kelleher undertake so much selfless work in the community and we wanted to play a part in their ongoing efforts by way of our tyres.”


For more information Bridgestone visit www.bridgestone.co.uk and for more information about East Cork Rapid Response visit http://www.ecrr.ie/