Firestone putting farmers ahead of the field

In today’s unpredictable climate, farmers are under continued pressure, but with help from Firestone in the last twelve months, farmers are saving money and harvesting better yields.


June 2016 saw the world’s largest tyre manufacturer successfully launch the Maxi Traction 65, adding the larger tyre to an already successful range of agricultural tyres.


The Maxi Traction 65 boasts a 23%[1] rubber increase, making the ground contact 4% more than its predecessors. This larger footprint reduces soil compaction during crop season allowing farmers to increase their yield and see a rise in usable end produce.


This larger contact patch allowed farmers to move quicker with greater efficiency, saving vital money on fuel and allowing more crop to be turned over in a reduced time.


Although tractor tyres spend most of their time on arable land, the Maxi Traction 65 boasts increased traction and lug overlap minimalising rubber-wear and improved driver comfort, both on the turf and the tarmac. This marks a return on investment of [percent], against competitor’s tyres.


This unique patented lug design provides longer life and reliability meaning less worry for farmers already under considerable funding and output pressures.


The launch of the innovative tyre comes in the wake of Bridgestone’s 0% finance offer, keeping farmers and land owners at the heart of everything the company creates.


The historic company allows buyers to spread the cost of tyres over a 24-month period, reducing financial pressures on farmers whilst ensuring a quality service and tyres with a long service life.


Purchasing premium tyres are downright expensive and fitting out a tractor fleet can set a business back by more than the cost of a new family car. Bridgestone’s 0% finance offer allows farmers and contractors to effectively lease out a set of Bridgestone tyres, conveniently and easily.


Reflecting on the year for Bridgestone’s Agricultural division, Steve Hewitt, AG Product Manager for Northern Europe, said returning control to farmers was vital:


“There are a wide range of pressures on farmers, both external and internal. We, as a vital part of the farming industry, wanted to alleviate those worries for farmers across the country.


“Financial pressures dominate the farming industry, across the UK. Our 0% finance offer is a viable option to spread the cost of premium tyres across a two-year period, rather than having to budget on machinery and pay a lump sum out or purchase poorly made, unprofitable tyres.


“Our Maxi Traction tyre has been produced with farmers’ right at the heart. The Maxi Traction 65 boasts longer and deeper lugs to increase yields, increase productivity, increase efficiency, whilst reducing costs, reducing discomfort and limiting downtime.


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[1] Figures from Bridgestone’s research against previous 650/65R38 tyre across both length, depth and width.