Life Mappers Trigg says: Stay away from Black Friday, come into the Light

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Black Friday is here! Hooray! Now we all get to pay reduced prices for things that we never actually wanted, and get into unseemly scuffles with strangers over the last sandwich toaster on the shelves!


The phenomenon of Black Friday, it’s fair to say, is not for everybody. It feels like the whole nation goes temporarily insane for what is, essentially, a big sale, and we all suffer a collective lapse of decorum in the mad rush to save a few quid. As a result, both we and our bank accounts end up battered, bruised, and slightly puzzled as to what the fuss was all about. Wouldn’t it be great if Black Friday didn’t leave us all a bit black and blue?


Award-winning stationery brand Trigg, makers of the revolutionary Life Mapper personal organiser and motivator, has decided to stick its collective head above the parapet and say: ENOUGH! Enough of the obsession with big-name brands at low prices. Enough of the bug-eyed pursuit of profit. Enough Black Friday already, basically. Can’t we all use the date for something good instead?


And this is why Bree Huxley, co-founder of Trigg, is announcing the brand’s intention to turn Black Friday into something a bit… well, a bit BETTER, really.
Bree HuxleyBree says: “Trigg is happy to declare we are 100% rejecting the notion of profiteering on Black Friday. We are rejecting all the aggressive consumerism that is associated with this most odious of modern calendar dates. We perceive that such commercial behaviour distils so much of what is wrong in our behaviour as a society. Greed, profiteering, rivalry and aggression are not paths to happiness.


“Trigg is offering an alternative: ‘Light Friday’ where we promise to donate all of our profits from Friday 24th November and Monday 27th November, to the mental health charity Every week we urge our users of Trigg to reflect on their fortunes and revel in their gratitudes. This weekend, let’s really do this.”


A Friday bargain that benefits us all – this could really catch on!


The 2017 Trigg Life Mapper won Best Product at the London Stationery Show in April. The 2018 version offers more space for expression of your feelings and delivers a month-by-month flow of words of wisdom on themes that touch us all, like willpower, reflection and mindfulness.


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