Start September right with iconic stationery staple

Maped Helix are still top of the class when it comes to back to school stationery, with their iconic Oxford range still helping millions of students across the globe.


Generations of students, both young and old, have been supported by the Oxford range with over 150 million Oxford Maths Sets being sold since its launch in 1935.


With back to school planning beginning earlier and earlier, Maped Helix will once again make the choice of stationery for September simple with their Oxford range. Since 1935 the range has evolved to become a one stop shop for parents at Back To School.


Coming in the famous Helix Oxford blue, each item combines classic design with ease of use for students to flourish from September to July.


Children and adults alike can make a statement as the first ink blob touches their exercise book. The Oxford fountain pen’s consistency and balance makes writing stylish and comfortable whilst five ink cartridges means that writing can continue from the classroom to the living room without a worry.


For those who are new to writing, begin the school year with the right handwriting pen. With washable blue ink and erasable with corrector pens, mistakes are no longer a concern on paper or on school uniforms.


Whether underlining, designing, creating or planning, the Oxford rulers are an essential item in any pencil case. Whether you use the famous plastic folding ruler or the traditional wooden ruler, the stationery necessity is the versatile tool to carry in every rucksack.


Where better to store your new stationery haul than in a hard-wearing Oxford Pencil Case. The wide opening zip gives enough room to fill with the smallest eraser to the largest ruler whilst remaining stylish in Oxford colours with a trendy gold and white design.


But before you buy anything else, don’t forget that one vital set!


The Oxford Maths Set has helped generations of students helping discovery in science, multiplication in maths and creativity in design. The original brand leader comes complete in a protective metal tin, ensuring the stationery icon is fully protected for the duration of the school year. Complete with eraser, ruler, compass, pencil, sharpener, stencil, protractor and set squares, it adds up to make the Oxford Maths Set central to your BTS list!


No matter what school year your child may be going into, make sure they start it right with the Helix Oxford BTS range.